West African Fish Stew

As I continue to create recipes from dishes I’ve prepared for years, I’m learning to follow creators who share theirs. I have grown tremendously as a recipe creator from watching some of the most amazing chefs and foodies I’ve met online. It’s become a truly incredible journey that I’m enjoying.

One of my favorite creators is from the DMV (The DC, Maryland, and Virgina area). Hammed from The Prince Eats is a foodie who shares some of the most creative meals using simple techniques with a variety of ingredients. His recipes are fun, flavorful, family friendly, and pretty easy to follow.

My intention with this blog is to highlight one of his dishes that caught my eye immediately. The first time I saw The Prince Eats’ Fish Stew post on Instagram, I reached out to get his recipe and was glad I did. The recipe was clear and pretty adaptable as I have a smaller family and needed less ingredients. The steps he provided made creating this dish simple to prepare.

When I initially created the Fish Stew, it was just an incredible experience in flavor. The fish was extremely tender and maintained its flavor even with the thick tomato and pepper sauce. I did not have any Scotch Bonnet pepper, so I used Habanero, which offered just the right amount of heat to add value to the stew. I served it over the West African Grain Fonio, and it was the perfect pairing.

Since then, I’ve cooked the dish two other times. The first I served it over rice and the second the Fish Stew actually went well over pasta.

The Prince Eats’ West African Fish Stew is going to be a regular dish in my household. It’s delicious, nutritious, fun to make, and my son loves it.

I have a deep appreciation for good food; I grew up enjoying a diverse culinary experience in the San Francisco Bay Area. I genuinely love watching other foodies and chefs share their creations. As someone who’s always cooked by eyeballing ingredients, learning to follow recipes as well as create my own offers an interesting challenge. One that I thoroughly enjoy.

If you are interested in making The Prince Eats’ Fish Stew Recipe, I encourage you check out his blog West African Flavors at Home: Fish Stew.

For more simple, fun videos, you can visit The Prince Eats YouTube Channel.

Happy Eating!

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