Not My Aunt’s Peach Cobbler

Peach Cobbler with Buttermilk Biscuit Crust

Growing up I literally had the best aunt in the world. My Maternal Aunt, Aunt Jackie as I always called her, was the most calm and sweet person. Her wide smile followed by, “Hi Baby,” when I’d walk in the room would just brighten up my day.

I think it was about 10 years ago, during one of our visits I asked, “Aunt Jackie, can you share your Peach Cobbler recipe with me.” My auntie, in her calm, sweet voice said, “Oh baby, I don’t have no recipe, you just gon’ have to come watch me make it.”

“Okay,” I answered. For some reason however, I just didn’t follow through.

Life happened, years flew by and then she eventually became ill. Though I visited, my aunt was no longer cooking. On March 9, 2018 my Aunt Jackie passed away and grief took over. I wasn’t thinking about anything other than deep sadness and stayed with my feelings.

I continued to cook, very often thinking of my ancestors. I had the honor of growing up in a home with my mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and great-aunt. Many of my weekends were visiting my Aunt Jackie, Uncle C and cousins in Richmond, CA.

I have years worth of memories, a family-filled kitchen, each person carving their way into individual cooking tasks. Me off to the side, while waiting to be told what to do as I watched my aunt and cousins in their flow, laughing at the shit-talking jokes.

As I grew older and prepared meals for myself and my son, I’d often smile at those memories as I shared stories through laughter. I honestly had forgotten about making peach cobbler, until I saw an Instagram post that inspired me. 

About a month ago I randomly scrolled through Instagram and saw a post on Stephen Satterfield’s page that provoked a beautiful memory. I read the story he wrote about his grandmother’s peach cobbler and I immediately thought about my Aunt Jackie. Something took over and I decided to get to work. 

I went out and purchased just a few peaches to go with the rest of the ingredients I already had at home. My first try flopped. I do not cook with white sugar and decided to use coconut sugar, regular and brown. The peaches made a fantastic syrup, but the brown sugar took over the peaches and ruined the flavor in my opinion. Furthermore, the crust just did not work. It tasted pasty.  

On my second try I decided to only use regular coconut sugar. It did not come out well, better than the first, but still meh. The peaches were fantastic, but again, the crust tasted like dried out paste.

Let me just add, I have issues with pie crust. I regularly cook with gluten-free flour. My cakes, cookies and brownies come out delicious with a great texture, but for some reason my pie crust always falls short. Up until this week however. 

I guess the adage, “Third times a charm,” was true for my next attempt.

I sliced the juice-filled peaches into the pot and squeezed a nice, large lemon for it’s tart juice. I then added coconut sugar and let it simmer as I started on the crust. 

Since my gluten-free buttermilk biscuits always come out flavorful, I decided to put those on the top since my crust usually do not work. 

When I pulled the peach cobbler out the oven I felt pleased over the look. The cobbler came out so aesthetically pleasing that I did not want to touch it. I let it cool and admired it’s beauty. I took a bite and YUM! It finally came out the way I wanted.

The peaches were tender and formed a very thick syrup. The buttermilk biscuits were flaky with the perfect hint of butter. Though I wanted to sprinkle cinnamon on the top to give it an extra hit of spice, I chose to leave the flavor as it was. Delicious!

My very own Peach Cobbler with Buttermilk Biscuit Crust came out better than I could have imagined. It’s not my Aunt Jackie’s Peach Cobbler, but it worked. 

I love and miss my Aunt Jackie very much. I wish I would have taken a few moments to buy the ingredients and stand with her in that small hallway kitchen of hers to learn. We had many beautiful moments which I will forever cherish. I’m grateful.

Rest in Peace Aunt Jackie! I love and miss you!

Jacqueline Williams Traveling
Jacqueline Williams, My Aunt Jackie


Peach Cobbler with Buttermilk Biscuit Crust

Peach Cobbler with Buttermilk Biscuit Crust



3 Cups Gluten-Free Flour

2 Tsp Baking Powder

¼ tsp Sea salt

7 Tbsp Cold butter

1 C Cold Buttermilk


8-10 Peaches

1 ½ Cups Coconut Sugar

1 Large or 2 small lemons


Note: I make the crust first as the kitchen gets hot from preheating the oven and I want it to stay cold. 

Combine the flour, baking powder and sea salt into a large bowl. Cut the butter into small squares and place in the flour. Using a fork or dough blender, mash the butter into flour until you see the two crumble together. Check pictures below for a visual representation of this step.

Pour in half the buttermilk and stir until the ingredients are combined. Pour in the rest of the buttermilk, stir about three times and using your hands, form into a ball. Put more flour onto a cutting board and knead the dough approximately three of four times. Place the dough back into the bowl, cover and place into the refrigerator. 

Preheat oven to 350.

Peel peaches and slice them into wedges. Put them into a large pot or saucepan. Squeeze the juice from the lemons over the peaches. Pour in the coconut sugar and stir. Place on stove, turn to low and let the peaches simmer for 15-20 minutes.

While the peaches are simmering, take the dough out of the fridge and place on the cutting board. Knead the dough about three more times. Roll out the dough with a rolling pin or large jar. Even though this is biscuit dough, I roll it out a little thinner, less than a quarter of an inch. 

Cut the dough into circles using a biscuit cutter tool. If you don’t have one, you can use a jar or glass. I use a wine glass, honestly, I really do.

Check the peaches to make sure syrup has formed and covers the peaches. Pour the peaches and syrup into a baking dish or dutch oven and place the biscuit dough circles on top, covering as much of the peaches as possible. I brush melted butter on top of the dough. It is not required, but I feel it makes the top brown better and it adds to the flavor.

Optional: Sprinkle a little cinnamon over the top to add in a little spice. 

Bake uncovered for approximately 45 minutes. Open the oven and check, if the biscuit circles are brown, the cobbler is done. If not, bake another 5 minutes.

Take the cobbler out the oven and let cool for 5 to 10 minutes. Scoop out and enjoy.

Visual Representation Below:

Three Simple Filling Ingredients

Peach Cobbler Ingredients

Peaches, Lemon Juice & Coconut Sugar

Peaches with Coconut Sugar and Lemon

Gluten-Free Flour, Baking Powder, Sea Salt & Ice-Cold Butter 

Cold Butter in Gluten-Free Flour

Combine Dry Ingredients, Cubed Butter, then Buttermilk

Kneed the dough and form it into a ball. Keep in the fridge until it’s time to roll out and cut into circles.

Gluten-Free Biscuit Dough

Roll Out Dough and Cut into Circles. I Use a Wine Glass 🙂

Gluten-Free Dough Circles

Pour Stewed Peaches into a Baking Pan or Dutch Oven

Add Biscuit Circles to the Top

Stewed Peaches and Biscuit Dough in Cast Iron Skillet

Bake and Enjoy

Peach Cobbler with Buttermilk Biscuit Crust

Taste Great On it’s Own

Peach Cobbler in White Bowl

Or with Vanilla Ice Cream

Peach Cobbler and Vanilla Ice Cream in White Bowl



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