Growing My Blog with Food Blogger Pro

Growing My Food Blog

I have been blogging on health, wellness, parenting, and biracial identity development for over 10 years now. I would find myself occasionally posting about food as it related to health and parenting, but I never took running a full-time blog seriously. Although the content was good, I knew nothing about running a website and my photos were very unprofessional.

Fast forward several years, I discovered that approximately 90% of my blogs and Instagram posts were food related. Not only that, but I also owned up to the fact that I LOVE food and sharing that passion with other people. Food-based content has dominated my life over the last five years and I have craved more. I’ve also enjoyed learning from others.

Because of this I made a firm decision to take blogging more seriously. About a year ago I signed up to watch a Food Blogger Pro interview on recipe writing with a food writer I follow. My writing life literally changed after that moment, and I made a firm decision to start growing my food blog with Food Blogger Pro.

I am going to be completely transparent in letting you know that this blog does contain affiliate links.

Food Blogger Pro

Food Blogger Pro is an amazing website that guides people on how to start, grow, run, and monetize a blog. This is more than a website however; Food Blogger Pro is a true community created by Bjork and Lindsay Ostrom to support other bloggers in growing their business.

What Do You Learn?

Food Blogger Pro offers courses from the basics of WordPress, plug-ins, Search Engine Optimization, photography, writing recipes, and more.

The courses are very detailed and easy to follow. In the event you are unable to complete a full course in one sitting, there is also a course tracker which tells you where you are in the process.

The two aspects I truly appreciate about Food Blogger Pro is the community; where you can ask as many questions as you like and get great feedback; and their podcast. The Food Blogger Pro Podcast offers great interviews with some of the best in the content creation business. It truly provides content rich information from a diverse group of bloggers and business owners.


With the Food Blogger Pro Membership, you gain access to hundreds of content-rich self-paced courses, an amazingly supportive community, and invitations to member-only online events where you can ask questions and connect with other like-minded content creators. The membership has both a monthly and yearly options and is very much worth the investment.

My Honest Thoughts

When I attended that interview in May of 2021, I knew immediately I had to be a part of this community. I signed up shortly thereafter and have not looked back since.

Though my website is not perfect, it’s growing beautifully, and I have learned invaluable lessons. Growing my food blog with Food Blogger Pro has been a pretty amazing journey. My blog looks better, my photos have significantly improved, and I have made connections with some pretty good people.

I only post and write about products and services that I truly believe in and Food Blogger Pro is at the top of my list. If you are seriously interested in growing your blog, I sincerely hope you give membership a try.

Be Well!

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